Celebrating Your Baby's First Thanksgiving

November 24, 2021


There are so many magical moments to be celebrated in the baby's life - the first step, first words, first birthday, but also the baby's first Thanksgiving. It's a great opportunity to start building a new bonding tradition with your baby as a family.

Our Bibino team prepared a few tips for parents to celebrate their baby's first Thanksgiving.

Take This Time to Be Present

Although Thanksgiving is about gathering and spending time with your family, it often comes with a lot of stress. Making sure dinner is done in time, constantly checking all the guests are taken care of and worrying if everyone is having a good time.

This year, take the time and try to be more present, especially if this is your baby's first Thanksgiving. Don't miss out on the cute faces your baby makes when tasting the first bite of the Thanksgiving dinner and the fun your baby's having while trying to reach for all your Thanksgiving decor. This year, there's nowhere to rush. Enjoy the moments with your family because, as all parents know, babies grow up too fast. blog_ copy.jpg

Enjoy Thanksgiving with Peace of Mind

After you enjoy the baby's first Thanksgiving, it's most likely going to be bedtime, at least for your little one. To keep an eye on your little one while sleeping, try setting up Bibino Baby Monitor app. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the time spent with the rest of your family. Bibino Baby Monitor will monitor the sound and the video in your baby's room and will notify you on your phone, tablet, or computer whenever any sound is registered.

With Bibino, you can soothe your baby back to sleep and play one of their favorite lullabies, all remotely from a different room.

Bibino is perfect for everyday use, as well as travelling, holidays and other special (unexpected) occasions. blog_ copy 2.jpg

Celebrate Baby's First Thanksgiving Virtually

Chances are you don't feel comfortable yet travelling with a newborn baby, or you simply prefer celebrating at home. Whichever way you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving with your baby, due to modern technology, it's now easier than ever to connect with other family members and spend some amazing time together, even if "just" virtually. However you decide to spend your baby's first Thanksgiving, please make sure to stay safe and sound.

Happy Thanksgiving!